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We are the only legal firm dedicated for more than five generations and with a heritage of more than 140 years to provide you of legal services, the goal is to provide to our clients with specialized services tailored to their needs. Our client make us proud by saying that we have done this for more than a century for several generations with honor and excellence.

Strategic Jurisdictions


140 years

SINCE 1881

Presence in all mayor Mexican ports



With experienced litigators, we help our clients to protect their rights either in Court, arbitration or mediation.


We help our clients to develop strategies to guide them in order to prevent disputes or penalties.


Our Partners and lawyers keep up actively participating in research and constantly lectures in various national and international forums.

National & International

In order to provide services in an international dimension, we have a list of independent correspondents in several strategic jurisdictions. We constantly strive to expand our service capabilities on behalf of our clients In addition to the list of independent correspondents internationally and a team of lawyers, experts, consultants and paralegals in Mexico City we have own offices at all major ports.

The Partners

Ignacio Luis Melo Ruiz

Titulary Member of the CMI
Former President of the IIDM
Vicepresident for Mexico at the IIDM

Bernardo Melo Graf

Titulary Member of the CMI
Active Member of the IIDM
Vicepresident of the Mexican MLA

Ignacio Luis Melo Graf

Titulary Member of the CMI
Active Member of the IIDM
P&IQ Advance Certificated

Felipe J. Alonso Gilabert

Active Member of the IIDM
Active Member of the MMLA

Practice Areas

  • Maritime Law
  • Admiralty Law
  • Civil Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Criminal Law
  • International Trade
  • Port Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Labour Law
  • Copyright and Patents
  • Enviromental Law
We are proud that our legal team are members and actively participate in the following National and International organizations.

Profesional Afiliations


Melo Abogados - Lawyers (@MeloAbogados)

Melo Abogados - Lawyers (@MeloAbogados)

Para la Protección de la Vaquita Marina, se publicaron hoy los LINEAMIENTOS para la organización y funciones del Grupo Intragubernamental sobre la sustentabilidad en el Alto Golfo de California.…

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Melo Abogados - Lawyers (@MeloAbogados)

COVID 19 y la industria marítima: navegando las tendencias del año de la pandemia…

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Melo Abogados - Lawyers (@MeloAbogados)

Melo Abogados - Lawyers (@MeloAbogados)

El Artículo 1. Del ACUERDO GENERAL 37/2020, DEL PLENO DEL CONSEJO DE LA JUDICATURA FEDERAL Prologa el plazo de las medidas de distanciamiento derivado del virus Covid-19, del 3 de agosto de 2020 al 28 de febrero de 2021.

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